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More than 50% of companies currently use marketing automation, according to MarTech, a marketing technology forum.

Marketing Automation tends to be the cornerstone of marketing strategy for many organizations, acting as a central hub from which campaigns are launched. The reason for this dependence is that marketing automation helps companies in running complex campaigns with fewer resources.

To understand the importance of marketing automation for your company, read about it in an article we have compiled. This blog is about automating your email marketing campaigns and the mistakes you need to avoid when carrying them out.

Email Marketing Automation

The basic yet most powerful function of email marketing automation is the ability to auto-schedule email sending which results in follow-up marketing. This allows you to nurture your leads in an effective manner and convert them into paying customers.

With the use of tags, custom fields, and the ability to add some personalization to your communications, email marketing automation works on the basics of email marketing while also including more automation capabilities.

This half-way point between email marketing and marketing automation serves professional bloggers and business owners best as they use email marketing but don’t need the full power of marketing automation. Using email marketing automation, they are thrust with more power and advanced email marketing capabilities.



The main reason users use email marketing automation is to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. Some other benefits are:

  • It’s automatic

After set up, workflows can be triggered using specific pre-set criteria. So there will be no need for someone to click send and the email automation software will be working 24/7 as well.

  • It helps with lead nurturing

With the help of the pre-set email workflow, your leads will be nurtured until they are more receptive to be approached by your sales team. This is done by sending them helpful information that is relevant and keeps them engaged.

  • It benefits the sales team

Adding to the enhanced benefits of lead nurturing that email workflows provide, sales personnel can even read the emails and the content that the lead has shown interest in which increases the possibility of conversion.

  • It is relevant to the email recipient

In order to reduce the rate of subscription, it is vital that emails are relevant to the person receiving them.

  • It increases brand awareness

The relevant and helpful email the recipient receives equips them with the necessary awareness about your company and brand making it easy for your sales team.

  • It is personalized

A personalized email will have personalization tokens filled with the recipient’s information. This method is more beneficial when it comes to inbound marketing and increases open rates and click-through rates.

  • It helps in creating a carefully planned email strategy

The advantage of using an email workflow is that it benefits the overall strategy as it ensures that each email that is sent is relevant and with a purpose.

  • It is time-saving

With email automation, employees are able to focus on other tasks while the emails nurture leads independently.

  • It is cost saving

The need for a large sales team reduces significantly as the major work is being taken care of by the automation tool.

  • It reduces errors

Email workflows give you the advantage of proofreading your emails again and again before going live which ensures that there is a very low chance of mistakes.



There are many benefits to employing email marketing automation and the possibility of error is limited. As customers and subscribers are easily ticked off, and you get the most out of your email automation, make sure these preventable mistakes aren’t being committed by you.

1. Spamming

One of the major email marketing mistakes that almost instantly turns readers off and increases unsubscribe rates are having a very high frequency of sending emails. Bombarding your subscribers with emails might trigger spam blockers which will ruin your chances of ever connecting with the reader.

Keep a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly schedule and provide valuable content and offers in order to experience better results.

2. Being Robotic

It is vital to humanize yourself and your brand by adding a personal touch to your messages so as to make communication authentic and genuine. Using triggers your emails can even have strong relevancy to recipients.

3. No Documentation

With the help of documenting your plan, you will be able to devise appropriate strategies and a set of tactics for each of your identified objectives.

4. Measuring Wrong Metrics

Focusing on just the one metric that is giving you high numbers and not getting a wider picture of your email analytics will leave you without the success you are looking for. Real goals end up getting ignored when you are complacent with a certain metric. It is better to see an 18% open rate with a 4% conversion rate than a 50% open rate with no conversion rate at all.

5. Not Testing

In order to predict which strategy is worth chasing and to understand your audience, it is vital and non-negotiable that testing is conducted. With the help of A/B testing, you can compare 2 different versions of your campaign to determine which gives you better results and which element needs your focus.

6. Neglecting Customer Data

There is a huge amount of customer data that can be gathered to produce a targeted campaign through email marketing automation like email and website activity, transaction history, and demographics. But if left neglected, all that precious data go to waste. Your email list can be properly segmented with the use of the customer data and this will aid in targeting customers with the right message and with perfect timing.


With all the email marketing automation success stories that are out there, business owners and CMOs have started to believe that all it takes to grow profits is buy the software but what they fail to understand is that if used poorly this software will deliver very little value and could even result in being disruptive to your business. So to get the most out of your software and to experience email marketing success and benefits, see the error of your ways and avoid these preventable mistakes.


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